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Hannibal: The Guardian / Fallen Angel Saga


 Believe it or not, I wrote this piece of fan fic before and during first few episodes of season 2 started (and I can’t believe some of it actually came true, sorta D: ). I remembered having this really weird dream that was so detailed that I managed to write it all down as soon as I woke up. The reason I haven’t shared it with you all is that between classes, essays, and upcoming exams, I haven’t been able to finish rereading the book that started it all; thus, I totally forgot that I “bookmarked it”. Without further ado, I present to you-

The Guardian / Fallen Angel Saga.

Hannibal encounters a psychopath that is blind, yet able to “see the world for what it really is”, hinting the fact that he has the ability to “smell the stench” of what Hannibal ate earlier that afternoon. Aside from the Chesapeake Ripper, The Guardian/Fallen Angel is the second best antagonist of the season. The setting is after Will is proven to be not guilty and awhile before so. Some says The Guardian was sent to rid the world of evil. The eventual flaw of The Guardian, later named Fallen Angel, is that he began to target the FBI and anyone involved in trying to apprehend/oppose him- leading him to an unknown territory that he couldn’t control the urge of his killing spree and moral sanity. Supposedly while profiling him, he is mistakenly called the Fallen Angel because he is believed to have “lost his calling”.

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Running in circles
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Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou ED - My Sweet Shelter

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